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Prescriptions to Heroin: The Face of the New User

Pleasantville Public Access Special

Airdate: 09/04/2014 | Viewed: 25 times | This Month: 25

The abuse of prescription drugs and heroin has reached a crisis level, and no community is immune from this problem. Panel of speakers includes prevention and treatment professionals, law enforceme

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Louis Conte's "The Autism War"

Pleasantville Public Access Special

Airdate: 07/10/2014 | Viewed: 20 times | This Month: 17

Guests: Louis Conte

Louis Conte, Author of "The Autism War" gives a presentation at the Mt. Pleasant Public Library about his novel and what led him to write it.

Gabor Mate: "When the Body Says No" & "Hold on to Your Kids"

Series: The Listening Place

Category: Pleasantville Public Access

Airdate: 03/14/2006 | Viewed: 2,257 times | This Month: 15

Guests: Gabor Mate

When the Body Says No: Gabor talks about his 20 years research into the emotional side of chronic illness. Hold On To Your Kids: Dr. Mate co-wrote a book about the dangerous cultural norm of allowing young people to use their peer groups for role models.

The Autism War

Series: Examiner News Talk

Category: Pleasantville Public Access

Airdate: 07/16/2014 | Viewed: 19 times | This Month: 11

Guests: Louis conte

Martin Wilbur, Editor-In-Chief of The Examiner News, interviews Louis Conte, Pleasantville Board of Education Member and Author of "The Autism War" about his book.

William Zinsser: Writing About Your Life

Series: About Writing

Category: Pleasantville Public Access

Airdate: 07/22/2004 | Viewed: 2,203 times | This Month: 10

Guests: William Zinsser, author

William Zinsser author of "Writing About Your Life."