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The PCTV Schedule is as follows:

This week on PCTV


Cablevision 76, Verizon 36

Let's Be Frank - A Pleasantville Music Festival Early Update
Plays at 8:00am, 2:00pm, 8:00pm

2 Steps to the Left - The NY Times, Jeb and the Bush Crime Family
Plays at 8:19am, 2:19pm, 8:00pm

The Real Estate Connection - Keeping Your Home Safe: Part 2
'Environmental Issues"
Plays at 8:40am, 2:40pm, 8:40pm

2 Steps to the Left - Paris and Terrorism
Plays at 8:53am, 2:53pm, 8:53pm

Pleasantville Connects to VISUAL ARTS - Relics From The Age of Carbon
Plays at 9:04am, 3:04pm, 9:04pm

2 Steps to the Left - Income Inequality
Plays at 9:34am, 3:34pm, 9:34pm

Around the Town - ProClinix
Plays at 10:00am, 4:00pm, 10:00am

The Real Estate Connection - Keeping Your Home Safe: Part 1
'Pest Issues and Prevention"
Plays at 10:31am, 4:31pm, 10:31pm

2 Steps to the Left - Heat, Lawsuits, Dirty Oil, Wall Street, Rights, Wolves and Jeb in 2015
Plays at 10:46am, 4:46pm, 10:46pm

Let's Be Frank - ARC Stages and Mayor Scherer
Plays at 11:08am, 5:08pm, 11:08pm

The Rotary Report - The 2014 Pancake Breakfast
Plays at 11:45am, 5:45pm, 11:45pm

Fridays: As a courtesy to non-village residents, we preempt our usual schedule to simulcast Pleasantville Educational Channel programming