Series: The Rotary Report, Episode: "The Westchester Wine Experience 2012 Sponsors"

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About This Episode

Title: "The Westchester Wine Experience 2012 Sponsors"
Air Date: 02/17/2012
Watched: 601 times
Monthly Views: 0
Guests: Janet DiBenedetto, Charles Hellmich and Jay Michaels
Topics: The Westchester Wine Experience 2012 Sponsors
Hosts: Marlene Canapi
Janet DiBenedetto interviews Charles Hellmich (Mahopac National Bank) and Jay Michaels (WFAS Radio)about the upcoming 12th Annual Westchester Wine Experience.

About the Series

Title The Rotary Report
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Produced By: Ernest Csak
Description Rotary Report spotlights the many activities and fundraising efforts by the Rotary Club of Pleasantville. Two premier Rotary events are the annual Westchester Wine Experience and the yearly Pleasantville Pancake Breakfast.

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