Series: The Listening Place, Episode: Sophia Strong: Far East Memoirs

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About This Episode

Title: Sophia Strong: Far East Memoirs
Air Date: 01/29/2007
Watched: 1752 times
Monthly Views: 0
Guests: Sophia Strong
Hosts: Nancy Rosanoff
Sophia joined the USO during World War II with the idea that she was on her way to Paris. Instead, Pearl Harbor was bombed and she ended up going to the Far East. Her journey is re

About the Series

Title The Listening Place
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Produced By: Nancy Rosanoff
Description The common thread in the interviews conducted on "The Listening Place" is an interest in who we are, our purpose in life and the awakening of consciousness. As bleak as life often appears, underneath is an evolution of good. "The Listening Place" encourages awareness of that "good."

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Julius Walls Jr.: Spiritual Leadership

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Kate Buford, author: "Burt Lancaster: An American Life"

Airdate: 09/12/2002

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Andrea Brooks: Author of "The Woman Who Defied Kings"

Airdate: 08/20/2002

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Jim Rough: Wisdom Council

Airdate: 08/06/2002

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Ron Roth: Healer

Airdate: 07/11/2002

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Dr. Laurie Nadel: author, "Dancing with the Wind"

Airdate: 07/11/2002

Guests: Dr. Laurie Nadel

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Bob Detmer: Wilderness Bob

Airdate: 06/27/2002

Guests: Bob Detmer

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Michael O'Keefe: Buddhism

Airdate: 06/24/2002

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Airdate: 06/10/2002

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Airdate: 01/03/2002

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